Build An Unforgettable Program Experience And Crush Your Marketing Without All the Confusion

Launch Your group program With Confidence

Inside The Be Seen Society

Your ideas were firing.

The vision was set.

The excitement was through the roof.


...like many coaches, being a change-maker looked easier, brighter, and more doable on paper than in real life.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. The passion begins to fade as the challenge of getting noticed consumes most of a new coach's time.

Online marketing is like an airport… there's a lot of different flights and connections, and for the beginner, preparing for takeoff is hard to navigate.

In order to grow your coaching business, there’s some pre-flight prep involved. Marketing isn't hard, but it is layered... and posting random posts on social just won't work.

Time to bring a navigator

and strategist onboard.

Imagine having a coach to help you see how all the pieces work together, and ensure your message is flawlessly delivered with the right copy, design, and automation in place to manage it!

Hi, I'm Pam your Visibility Strategist and Master Marketer,

committed to helping you stand out online and attract your perfect people.

“Pam cleared up years of confusion in a short time.”

“As a Spiritual Life Coach, I have never liked to talk about what I do; I just wanted to do it.

I knew that people needed to be able to find me and understand me so I could do it.

It's amazing how working with Pam 1:1 in the Offer Intensive cleared up years of confusion in just a short time frame!

The time spent has opened up a new world of possibilities for me!

-Gina Gibson Coaching

“Pam helped me create an online presence that's captivating.”

“I was finding it hard to dial in my offer. Working with Pam I found clarity in the experience I provided and started creating marketing content that attracted the right people who would get the best results from my style and framework of health coaching.

Pam also helped me with the sales copy and design of my website. With Pam's insights and suggestions on my landing pages more people are clicking through and inquiring to work with me.

-Adam Cooper Health Coach

Whether you're new to the coaching world or have been working at it for a while,

Pam's coaching meets you where you are.

Be Seen & Get Clients Online.

I'll Help You Inside The Society.

A personalized

1:1 coaching experience.

A personalized

group coaching experience.

A personalized

1:1 coaching experience.

A personalized

1:1 coaching experience.

I'll help you clarify your offer and fuel your marketing with proven frameworks, great copy, design, and delivery using my S.O.A.R. Framework to fill your program without all the confusion and overwhelm.


Stand Out:

Your offer is the foundation of your marketing and sales. We'll take a deep dive into your offer and perfect person to create a visual and verbal message that's irresistible, aligned to what you do, grabs attention, and get those first few clients rolling in.


Organic Visibility:

Level up your visibility with a consistent message. You'll kick confusion to the curb and know exactly what to post and say to attract and engage your audience to take the next step with you.



Present your program with great landing page copy, design and flawless enrollment and delivery systems without burning out. Online funnels create both scaleability and sustainability.


Reach More People:

Scale your list and signups with a marketing campaign from start to finish that builds your list, creates instant relationships, and activates your audience to say yes to working with you.

wondering if The Be Seen SOciety is for you?

Be Seen Society is for

impact-driven coaches, spiritual leaders, and course creators who are wanting to...

design an unforgettable offer and message

Create consistent Visibility

Build landing Pages that deliver results

Have more Impact Coaching While Ceo-ing Less

Simplify the onboarding & delivery process

Engage A repeatable launch Campaign

“Pam offers tangible guidance to launch your business to new heights.”

"She's got great strategy and processes that I've put into action the same day. Plus, she makes it's more fun than going solo... Who knew marketing could be fun!?!."

-Kia Nesmith, Health Coach

You'll also experience these first-class extras:

Community Connection

Community of like-minded peers with a passion to live an extraordinary life while making a difference in the world. No more Solo!



Inside the Society, you'll have opportunities to join forces with others to get visible and be supported in your marketing efforts. Kiss the crickets goodbye!


Resource Vault

Fill in the blank scripts, guides, checklists, frameworks, and visual maps to keep you focused and implementing faster. No more staring at a blank screen!


Are you the next coach I get to help launch and expand their business?

Let’s find out!

I'm waiting inside The Society to welcome you into an unforgettable coaching experience.

I’d love to get to know you as a coach, find out what you’ve done so far, and direct your focus to move you forward.

Go at your pace, building your online presence one piece at a time to accelerate your growth faster than trying to implement all the pieces at once, and yet at each phase, the number one end goal is to be seen and get clients...fast.

All you have to do is click the button, pick a plan. I'll be waiting on the inside to welcome you and make sure you get all your questions answered.

Captivating Content + Dreamy Delivery =

Scroll Stopping Marketing

I did it and so can you!

About Pam Karlen:

Pam is a Visibility Marketing Strategist and creator of The Be Seen Society. Her commitment is to help coaches get visible, make an impact, and income efficiently using intentional marketing and funnels.

Inside the Be Seen Society, Pam is personally involved in helping coaches:

  • create personalized offers and marketing that's organized and aligned.

  • create automated landing pages and marketing campaigns that convert.

  • create visibility content that attracts the perfect people into your coaching space.

Going solo, the voice of second-guessing creeps in, it always does… Pam helps turn that "loud voice" down. Building a business is more than just how-to information. It's taking imperfect action, navigating through the messy, finding the words that build trust and relationships, plus creative design that delights.

Pam supports her clients through it all.

Get ready to breathe again. Reclaim your time, confidence, and sanity.

Stand out as the amazing coach you are. Expand your impact and income.

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